@todosmexicanos responds to the profound desire of Mexicans living abroad to engage and actively participate with Mexico by enhancing and leveraging our greatest asset, our passion, and foster that energy and drive to move into resilience, building reliable relationships with local communities, and connecting to transformative projects currently being carried out, without self-promotion of any kind. 

Todos mexicanos is an organized effort of Mexicans living abroad. We plan to have Creative Visions Foundation be the home for our collective, TODOS MEXICANOS, as we distribute our resources to vetted organizations that are already established, yet often lack the marketing or coverage of their work. Big or Small organizations that have been doing impactful, sustainable and transparent work, not only during times of crisis, they have been there and they will still be there, we see you and we want to support you! 

Our Main Focus

Connect Mexicans abroad and local organizations 

Launch media initiatives to facilitate the transition from sporadic solidarity of Mexicans abroad to committed resilience. 

Our intention is to have a human-centered approach to our actions. Understanding and listening to the recipient’s interests and immediate needs, while designing strategies with best in class responses based on what is actually needed. 

We deeply believe in transformation coming from empowering narratives, we want to plant the seeds of sustainable re-building from the core - not only re-construction. We want to let this solidarity ripple forever, TO ALL HUMANITY, evolving into dependability and resilience. 

We are happy to report that After the earthquakes that struck Mexico in September 2017 Todos Mexicanos raised 30,000 USD which where directly given to:
Construyendo - Learn More.

We understand that the challenge is to sustain the momentum of participating and watching out for each other, through expansive activities, and the goodwill determination of the many who have been contributing. We are son very grateful for your loving support…

Today we are looking to raise funds and awareness for the families being separated at the borders. We want to show up for the children, to be there for them.

Our award-winning storytelling projects allow people in immigration detention and their allies to challenge injustice through the oldest art form.

Storytelling allows us to experience the similarities between ourselves and others. It allows us to link present struggles for justice to similar struggles of the past. And it allows us to create an archive of the present for future generations to learn about subaltern histories that are often forgotten.

Stories of mass incarceration

We view immigration detention as part of the mass incarceration system, and we are a National Issue Partner of States of Incarceration, a project presented by the Humanities Action Lab at The New School that brings together over 500 people in 20 U.S. cities to create a traveling exhibition on the past, present, and future of mass incarceration in their communities.

Share your story or volunteer

Our staff is available to train you or your organization on how to collect, share, and preserve people’s stories through various mediums.

Explore our storytelling projects below and then join the movement by sharing your story or emailing Christina Mansfield at CMansfield@freedomforimmigrants.org. 




Visiting a loved one in detention isn't always a possibility. With audio postcards, we help connect people on the inside with their friends and family on the outside as a way to end their isolation and help overcome the physical and geographical barriers of civil confinement. The project is a collaboration between the Immigrant Rights Clinic at NYU School of Law, Freedom for Immigrants, and radio producer Sylvia Ryerson.



What if you had no idea for how long you'd be locked up in immigration detention? That's the reality for many in the U.S. This website highlights the many problems with the U.S. government’s long-term detention of people detained by immigration officials without giving them a day in court. It is a joint project of the Immigrant Rights Clinic at NYU School of Law and Freedom for Immigrants. 

Everywhere immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life.
— John F. Kennedy

WE WILL BE FEATURING FUN EVENTS hosted by Mexican people around the globe, in collaboration for fund and AWARENESS raising, for long lasting transformation and building from the core.






We believe in exploring, observing and actualizing the narrative, so we move from solidarity to resilience; TODOS MEXICANOS, TODOS HEROES, TODOS LOS DIAS.